mercredi 21 novembre 2012

Body Builder Beware

Nothing since the wheel was discovered has had a greater impact on people than the internet. It is a vast, never ending source of pleasure, entertainment, information and shopping. Especially in the area of health, information abounds.

But, as everything in life, there is a downside. Beware of charlatans. They are ready and more than willing to bilk you of your hard earned dollars.
Take what you learn and do your homework. Don‛t be misled by so-called guarantees and claims to “give you the body you desire in less than 30 days.” These claims are, for the most part, bogus.
There are no true miracle pills or creams that will turn you into a “muscle bound super human” overnight.
Nothing takes the place of time and effort. If you are a beginning bodybuilder, realize that it took you “x” number of years to create the body you currently have. It is impossible to reverse the process in 30, 60 or even 90 days.

Remember at the beginning of this guide we discussed goal setting? Your bodybuilding effort begins with the six inches between your ears. . .your attitude. If you approach this new adventure with unrealistic intentions you will be sadly


Currently there is an advertisement running on television that sums this up very well. It displays an obviously overweight fellow at a gym. He steps on the scale and the

picture changes to read the display. It reads 249 pounds. The fellow steps off the scale, waves his arms about, takes a deep breath and proceeds to run around a few pieces of equipment, ending up back at the scale. He steps back on and the display once again reads 249 pounds.
Ridiculous? Of course. No one in their right frame of mind would expect results with that picture in mind. Yet, it is a very graphical portrayal of how we can have totally unrealistic expectations.
As much as we would like “instantaneous results” it just isn‛t going to happen. Anyone who leads you to believe otherwise does not have your best interests in mind. More
than likely their primary concern is their wallet. Buyers beware.

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