mardi 15 octobre 2013

Tips on Choosing the Best Bodybuilding Supplements

With the cost of living rising substantially every day, it is no surprise that saving money is all that's in people's minds these days, bodybuilders included. To get the lean, mean, ripped physique that they are aiming for, they will need to complement their diets regimens and intense workout with a substantial supplement stack, one that will serve them in good stead pre, intra and post workout. But what does a bodybuilder do, when they don't have enough funds or means to buy the supplements they need?
He chooses supplements that are tailored to fit his fitness goal that's what. He also lists down what his specific requirements and needs and does research on what supplements will offer the greatest return of investment, that is to say, the supplement that will provide visible results. He will also know how to differentiate between supplements he must have and accessory supplements he can add to complement his supplement arsenal if necessary.
Any bodybuilder should understand that a supplement that isn't effective and doesn't do anything for him is expensive and shouldn't even be considered. Salesmen will try to persuade you to buy something you don't need just to get a fat commission and some well-meaning friends may recommend something that they've used before but think about it - are they offering you what you really need?
With so many different supplements available in the market today, it is terribly easy to get misled. However, in the interest of helping you narrow down your choices, here are the five basic and most-needed supplements that you should get, not only because they aren't as expensive as you would expect but because they form the essentials you need to achieve your fitness goals:
1. Protein Powder
Protein powders are on top of this list because not only are they the most inexpensive form of supplements, they are also great for your post-workout nutrition. You need protein powders to keep up your required daily protein intake and since most people can't eat 5-7 meals a day to do that, they turn to protein powders to fill up the gaps and most of those that you see available in the market these days are able to satisfy that particular requirement.
2. Multivitamins
Since your body often gets depleted of the much-needed nutrients and vitamins when you are doing bodybuilding, multivitamins are you best bet to keep your body from being deprived of what it needs. They not only keep your hormone levels steady, they also aid significantly in muscle repair and recovery to help you keep up with your intense routines.
3. Fish oil
Although one of the aims of bodybuilding is to lose fat, there are good fats that we need in our bodies so they can function properly, among them essential fatty acids that fish oil can give. Fish oil has Omega 3 fatty acid that helps maintain joint flexibility, as well as ensure normal functions of the brain, nerves and vision.
4. Creatine
During bodybuilding, our muscles rapidly weaken because the energy stored in them gets used up pretty quickly. Creatine is responsible for the production of ATP or adenosine triphosphate which are short bursts of energy that help you keep up with your intense routines. It helps you do rep after rep without quickly hitting a fatigue wall and increases your strength during your workout.
With so many products available in the market today, no one can blame you if you fall for the hype and get what is popular, rather than what you need. You don't need supplements that break the bank but supplements that you need will help you save money because they will help you achieve your fitness goals easily and effectively.
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