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bodybuilding and sexuality

Early man evolved in a very physical environment where he had to run, jump and climb for survival. Early women were attracted to fit and virile men, not just for their ability as protectors and providers, but for their physical prowess as lovers.
In today's fast food and cubicle age, most men do not naturally receive the same opportunities to develop into the virile and fit masculine animals, that once seeded the earth. Today's women are often left disappointed and unfulfilled by their man's lack of sexual stamina and strength. Guys, you don't have to be a gymnast, bodybuilder or fitness nut, but there are some basic daily exercises you can do to counteract the wages of modern lifestyle.
1. Push Ups - Yes, the most well known exercise is also very useful in developing sexual functional fitness. Lie face down on the floor. Place your palms flat on the floor, level with shoulders. Keeping your back straight and your buttocks tight, push yourself off the floor a full arms length (extend your elbows about 90%). Then lower yourself back to one inch off the floor, pause for a second and do the whole motion again.
Start with 5 a day until you can complete 25 to 30 easily. Push Ups will help you sustain yourself for long periods in the Missionary Position and will give you strength to move and direct your woman in female on top positions. Push Ups also contribute to general cardiovascular stamina and indirectly work your core and back.
2. Running is the most universal conditioning exercise for all physical activities. Running builds strength and stamina in your heart and lungs. It also improves your body's blood circulation which increases the strength and length of your erections. Grab a pair of comfortable running shoes and hit the road. If you've never ran before, try walking first and then jogging for brief intervals.
Daily increase the amount of time you spend jogging versus walking. Spend at least 20 minutes a day running/walking. Some notice an increase in sexual stamina after running daily for less than a week. This is because the pulmonary and circulatory systems are very responsive and adaptive.
3. Crunches - Much of your thrusting power comes from your abdominal muscles. The more conditioned they are, the less the sex act will tax your body. Lie on your back and fold your arms across shoulders. Raise knees to ceiling while keeping feet flat on floor. Roll upper torso towards ceiling while keeping head and neck aligned with your spine. Don't let chin touch your chest. Pause for a second at top of the movement. Start by doing 5 a day and work your way up to 25. Your woman will notice and appreciate the increase of power, sensitivity and control in your thrusts that come from crunching.
These exercises may be simple and familiar, but performed daily, they will increase your masculine sexual power. Try them and find out for yourself.
Kat Williams
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