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Bodybuilding Programs For HIV and AIDS

The maladies of modern day living include contacting the HIV virus that eventually develops to AIDS. Body builders are not exempt from this virus and they too have to contend with the possibility of living with it even during their body building program. Whether from sexual impropriety, mother-child contact, blood transfusion or contact of body fluids, body builders too can contact the deadly virus.
Indeed, the lifestyles of most professional body builders put them at a higher risk of contacting the virus. Some body builders share shots of steroids with colleagues and using the same needles become an avenue for contacting the disease. Others are sexually irresponsible, since to put it curtly, a body builder can get laid faster and more frequently that the average guy. The gym is another area where body fluids can be contacted between colleagues, for instance when one is injured and colleagues quickly come to the aid with bandages and other first aid paraphernalia.
It would be wise to take care often above mentioned avenues of contacting the virus. But if the virus is contacted, it is not time to leap into a feat of depression and regret. The first step is always acceptance that it has happened. When one comes into agreement with the self that he or she is now a carrier, it becomes easier too manage the virus and make the most of the life ahead.
A body builder can live for many years after contacting the virus, 20, 30 or even 40 years of fun and success in the gym. Drugs are now available too suppress the effects of the virus in the system. The trick is to manage the virus and help the body retain a level of immunity despite the contrary predisposition. One way to do this is to be very cautious of sex, which can further aggravate the population of HIV in the blood. After taking stock of the sexual responsibility, the body builder should avoid all negative thoughts and depressing feelings. This is easily done by focusing fully on the body building program, amplifying efforts, setting goals higher and bigger and committing to the program with more vigor.
A body builder who is giving his all to the exercises will have little energy to indulge in destructive thoughts and negative attitude. Next step it to amplify the diet in view of not only the training needs but also those of his or her health status. Besides eating a healthy and balanced diet, the body builder should of course add on the protein intake to about 2.5 grams for each pound of body weight, so as to cater for added muscle growth, recovery and repair. Added too this daily ration of nutrients must be as much vitamins as possible, to supplement and revitalize the body's immune system. Frequent diseases will occur, but with anti-retroviral drugs, one can successfully control the effects of the virus.
Vitamins of a body builder living with AIDS must be high. Green vegetables, fruits and low-fat daily products must be increased in the diet. The meals themselves should be broken down to frequent bites of about four small feedings throughout the day. This amplifies the metabolic rate and effectiveness and the immune system both of which may be suppressed by the virus. The exercises must be maintained although it is wise to regulate intensity with the body's state. At times workouts will be impossible, especially during the late stages of the disease, but whenever possible, training should be upheld moderately.
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