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The 2 Most Common Conflicting Goals in Fitness and Muscle Building

The two most common goals with bodybuilding workout and fitness in general is to build muscle and lose fat. However, these two goals are pretty much at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to how to achieve them.
Gaining muscle will require you to eat more calories because, let's face it, muscles can't be made from out of thin air (unless you're using some sort of chemical assistance). Burning fat on the other hand, requires you to take in less calories than you spend in a day, since that will result in fat loss. It's no secret that what we bodybuilders want to get form our bodybuilding workouts is visible muscle.
Trying to reach both of these goals at the same time is in other words no a very good approach. Because you'll probably just end up going nuts trying to go in two directions at once. And end up not accomplishing either of your bodybuilding workout goals.
The majority of bodybuilders and weight lifters need to accept the fact that they will put of a little fat to gain all the desired muscle. The question is how much fat you need to add. So let's discuss just that.
How can you build muscle without getting fat? When building muscle mass there are two main strategies you can use. Some choose the path of eating as much food as they possibly can. That turns their life into a bit of a 24-hour eat all you can-buffet. But if you think this will magically transform calories into muscle, you're very much mistaken.
Your body can only integrate a certain amount of muscle tissue at any one time, and after that has been done any remaining calories will be preserved and stored as body fat. It's really that clear-cut and simple. And no human is an exception to that rule in their bodybuilding workouts. If you are one of these people that eat 5000 or more calories a day, this will quickly lead to a considerable gain in body fat over a 3-6 month period.
The other strategy you can use is more light and moderate. That is, to only eat as many extra calories that aid in the muscle building process, and no more than that. Ideally, this will allow you to gain as much lean muscle tissue as you can from your bodybuilding workout with no huge rise in your body fat percentage.
Personally, I always think it's best to go by real world results. The fact is that in the real world you can't give any exact number as to how many calories you should or shouldn't eat each day during bodybuilding workout. Why? Because different people have different metabolisms. So you need to pay attention to your own body in this case to determine what kind of metabolism you have. And then carefully adjust your calorie intake to that.
The key to bodybuilding success is patients and perseverance. The more calm and patient you can be the better muscle gains you will see from your bodybuilding workout.
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