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The Benefits of Probiotics in Bodybuilding

The Benefits of Probiotics in Bodybuilding
                                                 The Benefits of Probiotics in Bodybuilding
As new technology gets invented every day, so do new health concepts that are purported to solve a majority of health problems plaguing the modern world from constipation to the common cold. One of these new concepts involves probiotics which are something you currently see being used in supplements and even in certain foods and beverages. So what exactly are probiotics and what can it do for us?
First off, the word probiotics comes from the Greek words "pro" which means promoting and "biotic" which means life. While there has been some confusion as to what the exact meaning of probiotics is but the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has finally pinned it down to this: Probiotics are live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts offers immense health benefits to the hosts.
It is also defined as a preparation or product containing viable, defined microorganisms in sufficient numbers which alter the microflora (the aggregate of microorganisms that reside on the surface, as well as deep layers of the skin, saliva, conjunctiva and gastrointestinal tract) of the host, resulting in numerous health benefits to the host. Probiotics are also about striking a balance between good and bad bacteria and how to maintain that balance which can be upset by a number of things like medication, diet and disease.
Probiotics are usually found in fermented dairy products like yoghurt but are now present as well in most foods and supplements, particularly bodybuilding supplements and formulated probiotic drinks. Bifidus and acidophilus are examples of probiotics that are commonly found in these products since they are necessary dietary fibres that help you avoid stomach upsets and any digestive problems. They also help boost the immune system and therefore prevent bodybuilders from being sick or afflicted with illnesses that can sidetrack them from training. Studies show that the presence of one or several of these bacteria strains can improve digestion and prevent the numbers of our gut microflora from diminishing. It also enables bodybuilders to digest and absorb nutrients better for enhanced performance and endurance.
Also, aside from improving our digestive process, probiotics also filters out and eliminates harmful bacteria, toxins, chemicals and other waste products and helps us absorb nutrients better and delivers them to where they are needed, particularly in the muscle cells. It also enhances protection against allergies, autoimmune disorders like ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and rheumatoid arthritis.
Although probiotics may seem such a complex concept, it is one that hasn't fallen of the radar as far as bodybuilding health concepts go because taking supplements or including it in bodybuilding diet regimens hasn't shown any immense negative effects to date. The fact that it helps tremendously in nutrient absorption as well as reduces food intolerance means it is very effective in helping one achieve their fitness goals. Many bodybuilders have also reported enhanced and improved performance and general well-being upon using probiotic supplements.
However, since there are people who have certain intolerance for high-fibre diets or intolerance for dairy-based products like yoghurt, it is important that you consult a health professional before taking probiotic supplements. You can also do your own research and make sure you take probiotic supplements that are just right for your condition. While probiotics are generally safe to take, it is still best to exercise caution to make sure you don't compromise your health.
The Benefits of Probiotics in Bodybuilding
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How to Look Shredded on Stage Understanding Bodybuilding Tanning

How to Look Shredded on Stage Understanding Bodybuilding Tanning
                                    How to Look Shredded on Stage Understanding Bodybuilding Tanning
Ever wondered how those contestants in bodybuilding competitions make their bodies look so defined? At first you may think it's because they naturally look that way or maybe because of how the stage lights hit them but believe it or not, bodybuilders use sunless tanning or tanning creams in order to achieve that "hard as granite" look, to show off sharply-defined shoulders, biceps and abs that the judges and audience admire so much.
Tanning helps bodybuilders accentuate and highlight every muscle under the stage lights. A bodybuilder with fairer skin won't look as shredded onstage even if they put oil all over their body, unlike someone who puts on tanning cream. If you aren't dark-skinned enough or too light-skinned judges may take that against you and take off a few points off your total score. The same holds true if you didn't put the cream on evenly, making your skin appear blotchy or striped.
Yes, it may seem that this entire process is akin to preparing for a beauty pageant and in a way, it is. Some people find it hard to join bodybuilding competitions especially since there is no real prize except a small trophy but then again, more people are prone to joining these types of competitions even if they just win a small trophy. This is because bodybuilding itself is an intense sport that requires utmost dedication, discipline and consistency and you must possess a special mindset to commit to it. Bodybuilders know all about being patient as it takes time to be able to build muscles and get abs so sharply defined they can cut glass.
So in this case, why wouldn't you want to show it off? Competitions also give the contestants a sense of pride and motivation to do better especially if they win. It helps them to stay constant in their workouts and make sure they don't slack off. When you're serious about bodybuilding, you're serious about everything, including the tanning creams you use on your bodies.
Tans can come in two forms: liquid and cream. While some bodybuilders don't have any particular preference, most prefer to use creams because it is less messier and easier to apply than liquid tanning plus, it doesn't get into your eyes like liquid tanners do when you have to apply some around the eye area. Another advantage is that you don't have to apply a whole gunk of it just to achieve your preferred tan, all it takes is one application and you're good to go. The best part is that since these tanning creams are emollient-based, it is easy to wash it off with soap and water.
However, not all tanning creams that you see in the market are created equal. Tanning creams that you use for when you want to look good in a bikini are not the same as the ones bodybuilders use to highlight their muscles. For one, going to an ordinary tanning salon or using ordinary tanning lotion won't give you enough of that dark color that will help you stand out on stage. When you use tanning creams specifically for body builders you get that dark color instantly unlike ordinary tanning creams where you have to sit under the sun for it to really work.
If you are planning to use self-tanners, you should order or buy your products weeks before the competition so you can do a skin test beforehand to see if you get any allergic reactions. If you don't have time to order, spray tanning services are also available in the competition venue because as a rule, you cannot bring your tanners with you when you compete. To get a complete and even tan, do it nude and make sure you shave and exfoliate your skin before applying the tanning cream because rough skin shows under the bright stage lights. If you plan on applying the tanner at home, make sure you get someone you are comfortable with and trust because it is one job that's not for the squeamish.
Remember as well that one bodybuilding tanning cream may work well for one but not for another. You need to allot suitable time for your tanning as speeding up the process could result in uneven and blotchy application.
Bodybuilding requires a lot as far as helping you highlight the results of your hard work like the use of tanning creams during competitions for that "hard as granite" look. Find out about dream tan on on and get only the best at the most affordable prices.

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Women's Bodybuilding Controversial Fad or Life Changing Sport

Women's Bodybuilding Controversial Fad or Life Changing Sport
                               Women's Bodybuilding Controversial Fad or Life Changing Sport
One of the biggest changes in the world of bodybuilding has been the growing proportion of women in the sport. Increasingly more and more women are choosing bodybuilding as a method to improve their health, fitness and strength, which is hardly surprising given how successful this sport can be in achieving these goals.
One of the pioneers of female bodybuilding was Lisa Lyon, who developed many of the dance-like muscle poses that are still popular today. She also sought out a variety of photographers that took the photos that introduced the sculpted female body to the world. The stunning Rachel McLish, who won the very first female Ms. Olympia title then set the standards that many female bodybuilders still try to achieve today. She managed to combine her sexy looks with muscularity and body tone and in doing so created a benchmark that many people still aspire to.
The world of women's bodybuilding however had to travel a relatively rocky road to reach the point of relative acceptance that it enjoys today. Women had never built their muscles for aesthetic purposes before, although they have always used other forms of exercise to keep fit and attractive. In any case, bodybuilding for women was not widely approved of at first and was criticized by both men and women. These days however, women's bodybuilding, while not nearly as popular as men's bodybuilding is a much more accepted form of fitness. Whether this is simply the sport itself maturing, changing personal beliefs or the growing equality between the sexes, female bodybuilding is enjoying a much higher profile these days.
The most of obvious benefit of female bodybuilding is its effect on health and fitness. As has been written before, bodybuilding provides a very effective way to manage weight, health and body shape that many other general exercises and sports simply can't offer. This statement holds true whether the participant is male or female. Many women suffer from strength deficits, body weight issues and a loss of physical capacity, especially after childbirth, and bodybuilding is a great way to manage these issues. Unfortunately many women concentrate exclusively on aerobic exercise and never perform any form of resistance training as they have been told they will look like a man if they lift weights, which is of course a myth.
It is very common for women to try a variety of dieting programs, some of which are extremely unhealthy and misleading. These kinds of diets can cause a loss of general health, bone mass, and lean muscle mass. Bodybuilding can help avoid all of these issues as participants learn to integrate exercise and nutrition using well-developed and well-understood scientific principles into their daily lives and routines, which has obvious health benefits.
Many of these bodybuilding workouts that can be easily found online are as relevant for women as they are for men. Although the goal might be to develop muscle tone as opposed to developing muscle size this is easily accommodated by varying the sets, repetitions, and weights that are used when performing the exercises. Women who want to undertake bodybuilding should therefore learn the common exercises that are performed in the gym the same way as a man would, and incorporate them into a training program that uses higher repetition and lower weights in order to achieve the goal of increased body tone.
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Vegetarian Bodybuilding: Is It Really Possible?

Vegetarian Bodybuilding
                                                                Vegetarian Bodybuilding 
A vegetarian is not someone who only eats vegetables. Being a vegetarian or practicing vegetarianism goes beyond diet. It is a lifestyle, a state of mind that is unique and important to a vegetarian. Each person chooses a course on this road that they feel most comfortable with. Even the athletes and bodybuilders are now choosing this kind of lifestyle because of the benefits that they can get from it. Being a vegetarian and a bodybuilder at the same time is possible. This is where the term "Vegetarian Bodybuilding" came from.
What Is Vegetarian  Bodybuilding?
It is basically the practice of strengthening and enlarging the muscles of the body through exercise while having the lifestyle of a vegetarian at the same time. Though there is a misconception that being a vegetarian will reduce their ability to gain muscle due to lack of protein and other nutrients, becoming a bodybuilder and a vegetarian at the same time is definitely possible. A vegetarian can still get its proper proteins and nutrients from other sources like eggs, dairy products, and soy products.
Foundations in Vegetarian Bodybuilding
Vegetarian diet can be formulated to achieve the same results as meat-based diet, perhaps with better long-term health consequences. There are four foundations in vegetarian lifestyle that is very important in bodybuilding and these are stated below.
  • Protein
Proteins help the muscles to grow and recover quickly before and after the workout. The problem in bodybuilding as a vegetarian is that protein is typically found in meats. Therefore, vegetarians have already lost the chance to gain proteins from one of its best sources. However, vegetarians are fortunate enough as there are soy products, eggs and dairy, nuts, legumes and grains which are good alternative sources of proteins for vegetarian bodybuilders.
  • Vegetables and Fruits
It is essential to eat vegetables and fruits especially for bodybuilders because it will help them boost their immune system along with their energy levels. It is also a good source of antioxidants and nutrients.
  • Carbohydrates
When carbohydrates break down and turn into glucose it stimulates your body and muscles to make you more active and gives you more energy throughout the day. This energy is needed for a bodybuilding activity.
  • Fats
Good fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated are good for the heart, cholesterol and overall well-being. This is also a requirement in bodybuilding.
With the proper amount of consumption of the nutrients stated above, being a vegetarian bodybuilder is possible. Many bodybuilders today are already vegetarian, and they keep their body firm and well-structured by getting all the nutrients above, including protein, from fruits and vegetables.
Fitness bodybuilding is an art. To get those muscles and sculpt them to a perfect body needs proper nutrition and specific exercises. To find more information please visit

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Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

When dieting for a bodybuilding contest or a similar event, one of the hardest issues to get the mind around is the concept of losing body fat. This reduces overall body mass and psychologically this can look like losing size to the untrained eye, when your shirts are not so tight on you anymore and your face starts to look drawn and sunken in - the comments that are received are not always encouraging, like "you have lost a lot of weight" and "are you alright, you look ill." I can remember those words only too well, but I had a very good coach at the time who kept me on the straight and narrow, confirming that I was going in the right direction and that I should keep going with the fat loss. I would appear twice as big at 30lb lighter in bodyweight, but I had to get in shape for this to happen.
My suggestion on the above if your aim is to get into the best shape of your life for a bodybuilding contest or for personal reasons, is to ask someone you trust and who has been in good contest shape themselves to watch over you and perhaps check you once a week to make sure you continue to lose body fat. This process can be done by your own analysis, but the problem here is that when the brain suffers a lack of glycogen self judgement can become unclear and a lot can go wrong in the final stages coming up to a bodybuilding competition.
Gaining weight or body mass must not be mistaken for muscle tissue gain, although it is impossible to increase lean tissue without some fat gain and water retention, as these are part of the body composition. However it is possible to keep fat gain to a bare minimum making it easier when it's time to diet. Also an important note, in my experience and from the thoughts of fellow athletes, carrying extra bulk in the off season does not necessarily mean you can push heavier weights.
Optimal training can be obtained with a lighter body weight of about 10% over contest weight (ideal lean weight) and this seems to be adequate body mass for maximum strength. If you weigh much more than this off-season you will put unnecessary stress on the body; this can have a negative affect on holding lean tissue when dieting as the over-weight athlete has to diet more severely to lose the fat and at the same time this can result in greater loss of lean tissue. I found it interesting when dieting for a contest that my strength levels remained the same even on half the calorie intake and doing more work in the form of aerobics - I think it has a lot to do with mental attitude especially for a competitive athlete.
To summarize, make more of an effort to keep the bodyweight down after an event. Around 10-12% bodyweight gain from competition weight (or personal event) is enough to gain muscle in the so-called off-season. I guarantee that by doing this when you diet again you will look a lot bigger and fuller in the muscle in the end result.

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Bodybuilding For Beginners - Tips To Help You Start Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding For Beginners - Tips To Help You Start Bodybuilding
                                              Bodybuilding For Beginners - Tips To Help You Start Bodybuilding
Bodybuilding for beginners need not be a difficult thing. For anyone who wishes to begin bodybuilding as a hobby or simply as a means to get fit, you don't have to get so nervous about it. There are just simple tips that you need to take note of and then you can head your way to the gym and start that perfect body built you so want to have.
For a beginner in body building, you need to take note of the following tips:
First, find an appropriate FITNESS CLUB to join. It is important that you get to have a proper fitness club to join so that you are given proper amenities and proper instruction.
Second, once you get to join a fitness club, find a GYM INSTRUCTOR. Most fitness clubs do have a number of gym instructors for you to choose from. You instructor will be able to help you with the different routines that you need to establish in order to start your fitness program.
Third, ASK FOR ADVICE. It is important that you ask for advice especially about the different fitness equipments you would want to purchase for home use. You can ask your instructor or anyone knowledgeable enough as regards fitness programs so as to get the proper equipments that you would need to have as a beginner.
Fourth, watch your DIET. In a fitness program, it is important that you stick to a certain diet that is meant to help you to build up in muscles. Also, since you will be working out, you will need your diet to be such that it will be able to keep up with the energy requirement you will need in order to carry out your exercise routine.
Fifth, MAKE A GOAL. It is important that you get to set a particular goal for yourself in each routine that you take. This is important because once you set a goal, you will have something to look forward to. Also, set possible goals. It is necessary that you set goals that you can possibly reach. In that way, you can possibly reach them and they aren't too difficult to fulfill either.
Sixth, THINK OF SUCCESS. It is important that you get to see yourself succeeding the particular fitness program you are about to enter. In this way, you will gradually shape your mind into doing everything in order to achieve it.
It is important for every bodybuilding beginner to find the proper counsel to help him make his dream come true. Therefore, finding the right guide will help you be able to do so.

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Bodybuilding Supplements

Consider Using Bodybuilding Supplements

                   Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Bodybuilding Supplements
Every man loves to have some well enhanced muscles especially because they enable them to look handsome and strong. Muscles are also important in enhancing masculinity in men. They also make clothes look more fitting. The good thing is that there are various bodybuilding methods that men can use to enhance their muscles. However, not all these methods are reliable. In fact, some of them are really unhealthy and they can cause serious harm to the individual. That is why it is always advisable that you seek doctor's advice before you embark on any muscle enhancement mission.
Fortunately, medical and wellness experts have discovered a simpler way of enhancing muscles without making a lot of sacrifices. This technique has helped a lot of people to gain muscles without putting their lives at risk. With the use of bodybuilding supplements, it becomes easier for you to get the muscles you want. But before you decide to use these supplements to enhance your masculinity, there are some important aspects of them that you need to understand. For instance, you have to know how they work, their effectiveness, side effects and so on. Above all, you should understand some of the important reasons why you should consider supplements over other muscle enhancement methods.
Importance of Bodybuilding Supplements
  • Little exercises: Due to the accelerated pace with which life is moving, it is very hard for people to maintain a viable workout plan. Most of the working class citizens arrive home in the evening while they are totally exhausted and it is almost impossible for them to make time to exercise. They will therefore want another simpler way of enhancing their muscles without disrupting their busy schedules. With the use of enhancement appendages, it will be easier for you to gain the muscles that you want without putting too much effort. However, this does not imply that you do away with exercises and concentrate on the supplements. On the contrary, exercises and appendages go hand in hand. You can only realize the effectiveness of the supplements when you exercise regularly.

  • Quick and better results: Most of these add-ons are known to boost body muscles very quickly and effectively. They provide your body with the additional nutrients it requires to grow and enhance its muscles properly. That is why these enhancements are preferred by people who want to have a rapid increase in muscle mass.
The important thing to note about these muscle enhancements is that they can be used by everybody including ladies who would love to enhance their muscles.
Bodybuilding supplements are available at different online stores. But you have to ensure that the bodybuilding supplements that you purchase are the legitimate ones

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The Distinct Advantages of Bodybuilding Supplements

The Distinct Advantages of Bodybuilding Supplements
           The Distinct Advantages of Bodybuilding Supplements        
Bodybuilding is not just a means to get a ripped physique. It is also one of the best ways to keep fit while at the same time, have a body that is the envy of all and a hit with the ladies. However, those who are new to bodybuilding think that it's all about just doing the intense workout routines, eating a healthy diet, cutting out the beer and forgetting all about taking supplements because they only cause side effects that can slow you down.
Nothing can be further from the truth. First off, bodybuilding supplements are dietary supplements used to replace meals, enhance weight gain or promote weight loss and to improve athletic performance. They also help you improve your stamina, increase your energy, maintain healthy supporting tissues and improve your general well-being and immunity to diseases. Being on a bodybuilding diet can increase your risk of not being able to get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy so these supplements make sure you get them.
Supplements are usually sold in single ingredient preparations or as stacks but although they are quite popular nowadays and are available practically everywhere in droves, it is still best to exercise caution and consideration when choosing the best bodybuilding supplements for you.
Supplements are not exactly a new concept, although they are easier to consume now than they were in the old days. Early Greeks took their supplements in the form of large quantities of wine and red meat or via herbal concoctions or tonics that were said to strength, vigor, prowess and stamina. Eugene Sandow, the first known modern bodybuilder, advocated bodybuilding supplements as a way to enhance muscle growth and in the later years, Earle Leiderman advocated the use of beef juice as a way to enhance muscle recovery.
Among the distinct benefits bodybuilding supplements have is the fact that they are able to provide you with your much-needed protein fix. Protein as you know is the building blocks of muscles and bodybuilders can never have enough of it. Protein not only builds new muscle fibers, it also helps keep your muscles from breaking down during training and entering a catabolic state. Whey protein in particular, is preferred by seasoned bodybuilders because it is absorbed by the body the quickest than casein protein which works slowly on the other hand.
That bodybuilding supplements also have creatine is another distinct advantage. Creatine monohydrate in particular, boosts ATP production for increased strength and power. It is also responsible for the effect known as super-hydration, which is when water is increased in the muscle cells to make your biceps look bigger.
These supplements also contain multivitamins that prevent your body from experiencing nutrient deficiency which happens when you are on a strict bodybuilding diet and are therefore, not able to take in all the vitamins and nutrients you need. Vitamin B1 and thiamine in particular, are used to metabolize protein and is also essential in the production of hemoglobin while Vitamin C is essential to collagen production and making your injuries heal faster.
And lastly, since bodybuilding takes up a huge chunk of your energy, it is important that you partake of the glutamine that is another key ingredient of bodybuilding supplements. Glutamine helps replenish depleted muscle cells and counteracts acidosis which make your muscles grow weak and shaky during training. Another advantage is being able to take in BCAAs which are essential in your weight loss efforts because they increase your metabolism so you can lose body fat faster.
So there you have it, the distinct benefits of bodybuilding supplements. Remember that sticking to a particular workout routine is recommended if you want your bodybuilding to work to your advantage but make sure you incorporate the ingredients mentioned above to ensure you get maximum results.
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Knee Replacements And Bodybuilding, What Is Acceptable

Knee Replacements And Bodybuilding, What Is Acceptable
Knee Replacements And Bodybuilding, What Is Acceptable

If you are a bodybuilder or a fitness enthusiast that strength trains, you will have some concerns when it comes to making the decision to have a knee replacement. After all, there will be some physical restrictions placed upon you such as no high impact sports or running as these will only shorten the lifespan of the prosthesis.
When it come to bodybuilding, there really isn't too many contradictions in regards to exercises that you can't complete. Therefore, you should be able to continue your bodybuilding without jeopardizing your surgical knee if you use some restraint in the amount of weight you intend to lift.
I have used the following exercise for my legs to keep them strong and from also allowing muscle atrophy to develop which is something anyone involved in bodybuilding knows all to well about.
Leg Press: I use the leg press more often than the squat because the weight is balanced more appropriately and, I can concentrate on the quadriceps more effectively.
The intention when it comes to lifting weights with he affected leg is to stimulate the muscles involved not necessarily how much weight someone can lift.
The leg press allows you to keep control of your body so that you can concentrate entirely on the surgical leg. I like to use the leg press as it allows me to build more muscular endurance in the leg without sacrificing form and setting me up for injury.
The Squat: Yes, I have found you can still use the squat effectively however, common sense has to be used. The days before surgery where you may have placed 400-550 pound on a barbell is not recommended. You can still squat safely to parallel or even a little deeper however, the weight used should be something you can use safely for 12-15 repetitions. The amount a weight someone uses of course will differ but keeping the weight no heavier than 225 pounds can be acceptable.
Placing too much weight on a consistent basis with the squat can cause a breakdown around the prosthesis and lead to a loosening of the components. The weakest link with a knee replacement will be the cement used by the surgeon to hold the knee components in place. With excessive weight over long periods of time can cause loosening.
Hamstring exercises: Basically all the hamstring exercises are allowable and I find none of them have caused any harm with my knee replacement in over 14 years now. The same goes for the calf muscle routines as well. The important thing to remember is that keeping your weight selection modest is the key.
There really to my knowledge have not been any studies done about how much weight an individual can use when strength training on a knee replacement and, if you ask your surgeon unless they are active bodybuilders themselves, will not have any advice for you either other than don't lift!
So do not fear that your weight lifting or bodybuilding days are over with just because you have had a knee replaced. Just be a little more creative in your weight selection and, find other ways to fatigue those quadriceps and hamstrings such as using shorter rest periods or compound sets in the future.
Richard Haynes PTA
Total Joint Fitness LLC
Punta Gorda, Florida.
Richard Haynes is a Physical Therapist Assistant working in the home health sector in Punta Gorda Florida, with specialization in orthopedic injuries, joint replacement surgical rehabilitation and, pre and post -rehabilitation strengthening programs.
Richard's website is designed for the orthopedic patient who is looking for information or consulting regarding rehabilitation or post rehabilitation and fitness exercises.
Richard is also a natural bodybuilder who promotes a healthier lifestyle with his patients through strength training, making proper food choices and developing a mindset to succeed in life.

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Natural Bodybuilding Diet The Way to Success

Natural Bodybuilding Diet The Way to Success
Natural Bodybuilding Diet The Way to Success

Bodybuilding has become a popular trend in today's healthier lifestyle. When you choose to shape up with bodybuilding, it comes with a lot of challenges. These challenges include discovering the true meaning of commitment, self-discipline, dedication and strength - both mental and physical. As well as heavy workouts and exercises, it is also important to have a healthy diet. A natural bodybuilding diet can be a very good diet meal plan, to help you easily achieve a great bodybuilder figure.
What Is Natural Bodybuilding?
Natural bodybuilding is to choose to build your physique without taking any drugs such as steroids, pro-hormones, or other banned substances. It means that there is no substitute for hard work in the gym and a disciplined diet. Being diligent and determined will make you a successful bodybuilder.
Proper Bodybuilding Diet
A sample natural bodybuilding diet meal plan
07:30 Breakfast
3 eggs, 100gm wheat bread, 300ml orange juice,
10:00 Protein shake break
500ml skimmed milk, 30gm milk protein powder, 1 banana (100gm)
12:00 Lunch
1 piece large chicken breast grilled without oil, 150gm brown rice, 5 florets steamed broccoli
3:00 Protein shake break
250ml apple juice, 250ml skimmed milk, 30gm milk protein powder
6:00 Dinner
200gm medium salmon steaks, oven baked, 100gm broccoli, 100gm asparagus spears
7:30 Post workout shake
250ml orange juice, 250ml skimmed milk, 30gm milk protein powder
9:00 Supper
50gm slice of chicken breast, 400gm quark or cottage cheese, 100gm cherries
Nutrition plays a crucial role in a bodybuilder's physique and performance. One way to reach your fitness or bodybuilder's goal is to understand the concept of a good nutrition meal plan and nutrition timing. Stated above is a sample of natural bodybuilding diet meal plan. This diet meal plan must carefully meet the calculated specific requirements of daily energy and other basic micronutrients, to make the goal of having lean muscle and of decreasing your fat mass. Basic micronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats should always be present in your bodybuilding diet, since you are not taking any supplements or steroids. Proteins are building blocks of muscle tissue, which are necessary for the reconstruction of your muscles during training. On the other hand, carbohydrates will help give you the energy needed for your workouts and also are essential to gaining muscles. Fats are also important for building muscles and assisting the body in functioning properly.
You will find that once you have been on this bodybuilding diet for a short time you will soon begin to feel the effect it is having on your body.
Fitness bodybuilding is an art. To get those muscles and sculpt them to a perfect body needs proper nutrition and specific exercises. To find more information please visit

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How to Find the Best Bodybuilding Supplements on a Budget

How to Find the Best Bodybuilding Supplements on a Budget
How to Find the Best Bodybuilding Supplements on a Budget

Many bodybuilders think that buying bodybuilding supplements on a budget compromises not just your health but also your bodybuilding efforts. While it is true that staying healthy and getting a buff body requires money and quite a lot of spending, it is also possible to get the best supplements without breaking the bank and all it requires is a little in-depth research.
Budgeting first off, doesn't mean scrimping on other important things so you can buy thesupple best bodybuilding ments. What good is having 6-8 bottles of creatine supplements when you don't have any food to eat for the week? Learning to prioritize your purchases and taking into consideration what you really want from your supplements is the key to finding cheap bodybuilding supplements.
So to start things off, you need to find supplements based on what has been proven to be effective; the most popular supplements that people buy because they work and not because a Hollywood celebrity uses them. Most bodybuilders for example, think that protein is not a supplement so they forego protein shakes and bars and instead incorporate protein-rich foods in their diet but then again, this is a matter of personal opinion so you should go with whatever feels right and comfortable for you.
Among the budget-friendly supplements you can find is one that contains dextrose. These can serve as your body's main source of energy during training. It helps your body increase insulin production which in turn, enhances nutrient uptake resulting in faster muscle growth. It is also instrumental in muscle recovery and prevents your body from going into a catabolic state after training.
Next on the list is multivitamins. Every bodybuilder knows that nutrient deficiency is one thing that slows you down so it is essential you get your important vitamins and minerals so rather than get individual tablets or capsules of Vitamin B1, Vitamin E or Vitamin C, just get a multivitamin which has all the vitamins and minerals you need in one bottle as this will only cost you about $8 and you can use it for two whole months at that.
Last on the list of cheap bodybuilding supplements are ones that contain Omega 3 fish oil which is known to prevent heart disease and is also a great anti-inflammatory agent. It also helps increase leptin production which is a hormone that aids in fat loss and protein synthesis.
Once you find the best supplements for you that won't break your budget, you can also try to find these supplements online. Using online supplement sites ensures you get your supplements at significantly lower prices and you can save even further on gas money because you can simply have them delivered to your home in as little as 3 to 5 days.
When you go supplement-shopping online, you will also be able to compare the same products manufactured by different brands and find the ones that are closest to your budget and get the best deals. The beauty of these sites is they also contain background information on the manufacturers so you can do your research on them to find out if they are legitimate or if their supplements are safe to take.
It is possible to build muscles and stay healthy even if you are on a budget. Just take the time to do your research and determine what supplements are best to take based on your body type and fitness goals so you don't waste your hard-earned money and time on something that only looks good on the outside but doesn't really do anything for you on the inside.
Cheap bodybuilding supplements are just a click away, especially when you know where to look. Check out and find the best and most affordable supplements your money can buy and your body will love.

dimanche 8 décembre 2013

Women's Fitness Clothing and Women's Workout Clothes

Women's Fitness Clothing and Women's Workout Clothes
Women's Fitness Clothing and Women's Workout Clothes

It's tough to go to the gym when you don't have the right women's fitness clothing to wear. There are many options to help you stay in shape with a great selection of women's sportswear on the market. You'll be able to find stylish women's exercise pants and women's exercise shorts, along with lots of T-shirts, tank tops and hoodies for great women's athletic clothing.
With the right women's fitness apparel, you'll have a hard time coming up with an excuse not to hit the treadmill. You need to feel comfortable while exercising, and women's workout clothes don't have to be skintight to look good. Look for cute, loose-fitting clothing, including soft yoga pants, silky organic tees and comfortable shorts. If you like the support you get from a tighter fit, you'll should look for supplex women's athletic clothing and sportswear.
From sports bras to long-sleeved runners' shirts, you have enough options to create the ideal wardrobe for whatever activity you do to stay in shape. Make sure that they fit well and gives you room to breathe and stretch so you won't be tempted to skip the gym. If you enjoy exercising outdoors, look for sweatshirts and sportswear to keep you warm and jackets to keep you dry on those cold, rainy days. Buy women's athletic wear made of supplex to ensure that you stay warm but don't get too sweaty while exercising. For the summer months, you'll love how you look in the shorts and T-shirts.
Find sportswear and women's athletic clothing that stretches and wicks away moisture for a comfortable fit. Look good and stay in shape with new women's athletic clothing and sportswear. Look great in women's athletic clothing and sportswear while you get in shape or work towards becoming healthy and thin!
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lundi 2 décembre 2013

Important components of a good bodybuilding supplement

Important components of a good bodybuilding supplement

Important components of a good bodybuilding supplement
all serious bodybuilder on the importance of, the right supplements regularly testify.
Anyone considering entering bodybuilding immediately recognizes that there are a lot of manufacturers of dietary supplements.