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How to Look Shredded on Stage Understanding Bodybuilding Tanning

How to Look Shredded on Stage Understanding Bodybuilding Tanning
                                    How to Look Shredded on Stage Understanding Bodybuilding Tanning
Ever wondered how those contestants in bodybuilding competitions make their bodies look so defined? At first you may think it's because they naturally look that way or maybe because of how the stage lights hit them but believe it or not, bodybuilders use sunless tanning or tanning creams in order to achieve that "hard as granite" look, to show off sharply-defined shoulders, biceps and abs that the judges and audience admire so much.
Tanning helps bodybuilders accentuate and highlight every muscle under the stage lights. A bodybuilder with fairer skin won't look as shredded onstage even if they put oil all over their body, unlike someone who puts on tanning cream. If you aren't dark-skinned enough or too light-skinned judges may take that against you and take off a few points off your total score. The same holds true if you didn't put the cream on evenly, making your skin appear blotchy or striped.
Yes, it may seem that this entire process is akin to preparing for a beauty pageant and in a way, it is. Some people find it hard to join bodybuilding competitions especially since there is no real prize except a small trophy but then again, more people are prone to joining these types of competitions even if they just win a small trophy. This is because bodybuilding itself is an intense sport that requires utmost dedication, discipline and consistency and you must possess a special mindset to commit to it. Bodybuilders know all about being patient as it takes time to be able to build muscles and get abs so sharply defined they can cut glass.
So in this case, why wouldn't you want to show it off? Competitions also give the contestants a sense of pride and motivation to do better especially if they win. It helps them to stay constant in their workouts and make sure they don't slack off. When you're serious about bodybuilding, you're serious about everything, including the tanning creams you use on your bodies.
Tans can come in two forms: liquid and cream. While some bodybuilders don't have any particular preference, most prefer to use creams because it is less messier and easier to apply than liquid tanning plus, it doesn't get into your eyes like liquid tanners do when you have to apply some around the eye area. Another advantage is that you don't have to apply a whole gunk of it just to achieve your preferred tan, all it takes is one application and you're good to go. The best part is that since these tanning creams are emollient-based, it is easy to wash it off with soap and water.
However, not all tanning creams that you see in the market are created equal. Tanning creams that you use for when you want to look good in a bikini are not the same as the ones bodybuilders use to highlight their muscles. For one, going to an ordinary tanning salon or using ordinary tanning lotion won't give you enough of that dark color that will help you stand out on stage. When you use tanning creams specifically for body builders you get that dark color instantly unlike ordinary tanning creams where you have to sit under the sun for it to really work.
If you are planning to use self-tanners, you should order or buy your products weeks before the competition so you can do a skin test beforehand to see if you get any allergic reactions. If you don't have time to order, spray tanning services are also available in the competition venue because as a rule, you cannot bring your tanners with you when you compete. To get a complete and even tan, do it nude and make sure you shave and exfoliate your skin before applying the tanning cream because rough skin shows under the bright stage lights. If you plan on applying the tanner at home, make sure you get someone you are comfortable with and trust because it is one job that's not for the squeamish.
Remember as well that one bodybuilding tanning cream may work well for one but not for another. You need to allot suitable time for your tanning as speeding up the process could result in uneven and blotchy application.
Bodybuilding requires a lot as far as helping you highlight the results of your hard work like the use of tanning creams during competitions for that "hard as granite" look. Find out about dream tan on on and get only the best at the most affordable prices.

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